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COLMIA Ultra Light Dumbbell Set

Colmia Ultra Light Details


Ultra High Quality

The Rolls Royce of workout equipment

Custom hand-made



Width: 27.0 (in) Height: 17.0 (in) Depth: 17.0 (in)


211.6 lbs


Lead time of 10-16 weeks


Covers materials and workmanship for two years in residential use or one year for commercial applications.

experience an unparalleled Luxury Gym


Exquisite Attention to Detail

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with PENT's fitness equipment. Every detail, from the premium materials to the flawless finish, is meticulously crafted for an unrivaled fitness experience.

Style Meets Function in PENT's Design

PENT merges elegant design with peak functionality. Transform your workout space with equipment that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is performance-focused.


Elevate Your Workout with PENT

With PENT, every workout is a luxurious experience. Our expertly designed equipment offers both superior performance and a touch of elegance to your fitness routine

Witness Luxury in Action

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is Our Priority

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